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⚙ iCub HW Documentation

First draft of iCub HW documentation.

Main HW Repositories

The iCub Versions Table

iCub Versions Table is a table containing the current known iCub versions.

The iCub Wiring

iCub Wiring contains the documentation about the Logic and Harness schematics of iCub

iCub Tendons

iCub Tendons contains the ultimate step-by-step guide on how to replace broken or out of place tendons of the iCub. It includes also some tutorials on how to build forearms and the overall tendons constituting iCub.

The Upgrade Kits

The design of our robot evolves in time. We have been asking ourselves how to propagate the mechanical or hardare enhancements we design to older robots. Our solution is to define upgrade kits that can be applied to specific robots.

An upgrade kit is a plastic bag with mechanical parts, hardware boards, screws, wires, tendons and whatever it is required to perform a physical upgrade of the robots, including the instructions.

iCub Kinematics

Here you can find informations about iCub's kinematics.

iCub 3

Here are described the elctrical and mechanical specifications for each joint.


Here's reported info about the hands installed on the robots.


Here's reported info about the wrists installed on the robots.

iCub CPU boards

Here's reported info about CPU boards installed on iCub.

F/T Sensors

Here's reported info about F/T sensors.

Power push buttons

Here's reported info about power push buttons.

Custom components

Here's reported info about third-party custom components.