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Power push buttons

The power push buttons on the iCub 2.5 backpack and on the iCub3 back have different meaning depending on their colors. They have LEDs that can be steady or blinking.

LED Status Description Problem Action/Note
⚫ OFF Power supply / battery off ? - check the power supply connection / check the battery charge
- switch on power supply / charge the battery
Power ready No push buttons to switch on CPU or motors
blink_red_l BLINKING
Power ready Yes - overcurrent occurred
- press and hold few seconds to try again and if overcurrent persists contact technical support
Power on No correct operation
blink_green_l BLINKING
Power on transient No start-up phase, max 20s delay to steady state
iCub 2.5 iCub 3

On iCub3 and on R1 there is also a display that shows the voltage and current present, even the red/green icon with the same meaning as the push button LEDs (R1 doesn't have the colored buttons).

iCub 3 R1