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Calibration Types available on iCub 3

The table below aims to provide expert users with some technical information about calibration types on iCub 3 robot.

Calibration name Description Procedure Notes
Rotor-stator autocalibration Automatic procedure to find the offset between the index position in the motor and the position that corresponds to zero electrical degrees in the stator   To be executed after the first mechanical assembly and every time for some reason the stator needs to be unmounted from its housing
Rotor index calibration At every startup of the robot, the motor moves in order to find the index of the reflective encoder    
Joint zero calibration TBD    
AMO calibration The AMO sensor needs to be calibrated with an external device. The calibration parameters are stored on an EEPROM that is in the AMO board   Every time the magnetic target or the AMO board are moved a bit from their position (the calibration takes into account the position between the target and the sensor mounted on the board)
Joint Limits and Zero calibration Put the robot in the zero position and acquire the value of the AMO sensor   Only once
Joint startup calibration The joint moves to a specific position   At every startup after rotor index calibration