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KIT_002 Update of capacitor support (front and rear) iCub 2.5 with battery backpack

Content material

IIT alias (used as ordering reference) KIT_002
Applicable to iCub
Available onboard since iCub SN 043 (August 2020)
Pieces Alias Description Code Wgst
4 V2-5--_-_ISO7046-1_CH CROSS RECESSED SCREW ISO7046-1 M2X5 H 2430
4 Cable tie Cable tie, 100x2.5mm, nylon, black 531

Assembly instructions

Make sure the 4 capacitors (front and back) are accessible (has a view). For the removal and subsequent reassembly of the parts that obstruct (backpack unit), refer to the specific manual .

imagine view
imagine view

Assembly sequence :
Perform the assembly sequence as indicated in the image, keep in mind that the sequence is the same for all 4 support (Front and rear).

imagine view

imagine view imagine view