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KIT_005 Eyes motor replacement support

IIT alias (used as ordering reference) KIT_005
Applicable to iCub, head V2
Available onboard since iCub SN 043 (August 2020)

Content material

Pieces Alias Description Code Wgst
1 RC_IIT_010_P_047 V2 eye tilt brace A 2626
1 RC_IIT_010_P_048 V2 eye tilt brace B 2627
2 2-10--_-_ISO7046-1_CH Screw -M 2 x 10 – ISO7046 – SS A2 2596
4 S1_5-6--_-_I2338_B Dowel pin 1.5 x 6 stainless steel A2, UNI1707 2354

Assembly instruction

We are going to replace parts in the eyes tilt assembly, there are some preliminary actions to take:

  • we need to turn off the head and the whole robot.

  • we need to remove head's covers .

  • we need to unplug and remove the whole boards' frame.

    imagine view
    imagine view
    without covers without boards' frame

    We are going to replace the 4 parts here in picture.

Brackets unmounting

We need to remove eye's assembly from the head unlocking two cross recessed screws

imagine view
imagine view
the screws to remove eye's group

Unmount the groupand replace the old case with the new one

imagine view
imagine view
old one new one

While mounting the motoreducer group checl if it moves at the correct amount of current, if not try to slightly release these screws

imagine view
motoreducer group

Before mounting back the eyes on the face we need to replace the brackets. Releasing the grub screws (blue arrows) we can remove the pins (yellow arrows) and later the brackets (red arrows) mounting back the new ones - First of all you need to remove tendons from the neck, - Remove the green highlighted assembly loosening the screws indicated by arrows

imagine view
Brackets unmounting

Mount the head back following the instruction in reverse Do not hesitate to contact iCub support for any doubt.