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KIT_008 iCub RealSense holder

Upgrade Kit

This upgrade kit is meant to improve iCub's 3D perception and grasping capabilities by adding a RealSense camera plugged on the head, in addition to the other eye cameras.

It ensures the compatibility with more RealSense models.

IIT alias (used as ordering reference) KIT_008
IIT Code 17314
Applicable to iCub 2.7
Available onboard no, optional
# Code Alias Rev UM Qty Description
1 15363 MKIT_008 A1 Pieces 1 iCub 2.7, head, RealSense holder

Content material MKIT_008

Pieces Alias Rev. Description Cod. Wgst
1 IG_027_P_010 iCub Head, RealSense setup, holder 17315
2 V3-8--_-_U5933_C screw – M 3 x 8 – UNI5933 , DIN7991 , ISO10642 – SS A2 – hexagon socket countersunk head 2468
2 V4-16--_-_ISO7045_CZ screw - M4 x 16 - UNI7687 , DIN7985A , ISO7045 - SS A2 - pozidriv cross recessed pan head 11963

Historical review

This upgrade kit has been developed together with the HSP@IIT research line as an optional plug-in support to improve iCub perception and facilitate it in grasping tasks iCub. For reference, see also the page design holder realsense.

The holder has been designed to be compatible with the following RealSense models:

Alias Description Cod. Wgst
INTEL_REALSENSE_D415 Intel Realsense D415, range from 0.3 to 10m, FOV 70 de 13038
INTEL_REALSENSE_D435i Intel Realsense D435i with IMU, range from 0.2 to 10m, FOV 90 de i 14567
INTEL_REALSENSE_D405 Intel RealSense D405 with IMU, range from 7 cm to 50 cm, FOV 87°×58° 17231


Not all the RealSense cameras have the same interface, some of them connect by using a different cable.

RealSense model associated cable Cable Wgst Code
INTEL_REALSENSE_D415 USB Shielded I/O Cable Assembly, Type C/M to C/M, USB 3.1 GEN4, 3.0m Length, Black 15365
INTEL_REALSENSE_D435i USB Shielded I/O Cable Assembly, Type C/M to C/M, USB 3.1 GEN4, 3.0m Length, Black 15365
INTEL_REALSENSE_D405 USB Shielded I/O Cable Assembly, USB 3.2 Gen 1, Male A to Male Micro-B, 3.0m length, black 17308

Assembly instruction

The RealSense holder can be mounted on the top of iCub head by replacing two side screws fixing the face cover, and in the kit are included and USB Type-C cable, screws and cable ties. The kit does NOT include the RealSense. It is recommended to replace the short cable included in the RealSense retail package with the longer one provided with the upgrade kit.


The following instructions are provided for assembling the D435i model of RealSense camera.

Assembly sequence

Perform the assembly sequence as shown in the following images.

  • First step, remove the two screws V4-12--_-_U5933_C from the side of the face cover as can be seen in the image. Set them aside, just in case you want to successively unmount the RealSense holder.

  • Second step, fix the holder IG_027_P_010 with the respective screws V4-16--_-_ISO7045_CZ as shown in the image, and fix the hook to the backward cover air vents.

  • Third step, fix the chosen RealSense model to the holder usign the screws V3-8--_-_U5933_C. At this point is possible to plug the USB Type-C cable cod. 15365 and use the cable ties cod. 531 to fix it around the head.


As mentioned above, the RealSense D405 uses a different cable too.

Check out the STL and STEP files of the holder.

Calibration of the RealSense Holder

The software tool used to estimate the extrinsic parameters of the RealSense camera when mounted with the holder with respect to the robot known frames is realsense-holder-calibration.

Find therein the relative documentation.