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Install iCub software from source using the robotology-superbuild on Linux

The basic software packages of the iCub software can be easily installed using the robotology-superbuild.

In particular, they are contained in the core profile of the superbuild, that is enabled by default.

To install the robotology-superbuild in Linux, first download the robotology-superbuild repo with git and checkout the specific distro version that you want to use:

git clone
cd robotology-superbuild
git checkout v<YYYY.MM>

If you are installing the superbuild on an iCub robot laptop following the official iCub instructions, you should clone it in the /usr/local/src/robot directory.

Then follow the Linux instructions in robotology-superbuild documentation.

Check your installation

After you followed the installation instructions, you can check if your installation was successful by following the instructions in the Check your installation page.