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The OS on icub-head - BIOS tweaks

Some tweaks to the BIOS are necessary to setup the icub-head board (Kontron COMe-cKL6). They are directly realted to icubOS installation and it's necessary to perform the tweaks below only once, regadless if the operating systems is reinstalled.

How to access BIOS

In Order to modify BIOS parameters it is ncessary to connect a monitor (with Display Port connector) and an USB keyboard to the icub-head board. Then, power on the board and press a key (it is different on each model of the icub-head board, usually F2 or DEL) to enter BIOS settings.

How to set the max power (TDP) of the processor

Set the TDP to 10000 (10w). See page 65 of the user manual of the board for more details, which you can download from

USB Legacy support

On boot tab, please disable the USB legacy support (where available).

Save Settings!

Before leaving the BIOS and rebooting, please remember to save your update setting with the option SAVE SETTINGS AND EXIT.