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Naming convention

To help maintenance of configuration files, it is necessary to include the following information in the names of each single file:

  • robot body parts;
  • type of device or type of information contained in the file, like mechanicals or electronic or motor control data;
  • the electronics board number: in case of configuration file of device, it is useful to know which is the electronic board to refer to.
  • number of joints connected to the board.

1. Rules for naming devices

This is the pattern of name of each device and its configuration file: body_part-ebX-jA_B-type_of_device. In details, each name is make up of 4 parts:

  • body_part: head, face, left_arm, right_arm, torso, left_leg, right_leg;
  • ebX: where X is the number of electronic board written on schematics document. Usually, but not always, X is also the last number of board’s ip address;
  • jA_B: this indicates that the board ebX controls joints from A to B. This information let you know if board is in upper or lower part.
  • type_of_device: skin, mais, strain, mc, intertials.

For example, the configuration file of motor control device of joint 0 and 1 of head is named head-eb20-j0_1-mc.xml and inside it there is the name of device head-eb20-j0_1-mc:

   <devices robot="robotName" build="1">
       <device name="head-eb20-j0_1-mc" type="embObjMotionControl">
           <params ....... />

2.Rules for naming wrapper file

The wrapper name and its configuration files should have the same name and its pattern is : body_part-type_of_device_wrapper.xml. In details, each file name is make up of 2 parts:

  • body_part: head, face, left_arm, right_arm, torso, left_leg, right_leg, left_foot, right_foot;
  • type_of_device_wrapper: skin_wrapper, mais_wrapper, FT_wrapper, VFT_wrapper, mc_wrapper.

3.Rules for naming joints

Each joint has a name that follows the naming convention explained here.