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Versions Table

Currently known iCub versions

iCub version Features Notes
v1.0 This version was distributed during the RobotCub open call. It has the following features:

1. Only the upper arms are covered.
2. No force sensors available.
3. No touch sensors available.

v1.1 Main features are:

1. Sensorized hand joints (MAIS boards are mounted on the back of the hand).
2. Six axes force sensors at each limb. This allows impedance/compliance control as described here.
3. Fully covered (upper arm, forearm, torso, hip, legs).

v1.1.1 This is an intermediate version. The only difference with the previous is that the main control board has changed from eCAN (or CFW1) to CFW2
v1.2 This version has tactile sensors. Main features are:

1. Sensorized palm.
2. Sensorized fingertips

v1.3 This version has tactile sensors added on the forearms.
v1.4 This version has tactile sensors added on the upper arm and chest.
v2.0 This version has:

1. Incremental encoders (optical) directly mounted on the motors (fast side of the reduction gear).
2. Completely redesigned fore-arm and hands assemblies.
Completely redesigned head assembly for higher performances (stronger neck motors, zero-backlash eye movement)
3. Mounts complete set of sensitive skin.

v2.5 This version has:

1. Hands v2.0
2. Stronger legs (with the possibility to mount series elastic elements on the knee and on the ankle)

v2.5.5 This version is a v2.5 + a backpack for batteries
v2.6 v2.5.5 with new face expression (RFE master board)
v2.7 v2.6 with high-performance IMU on the waist
Special Version Features Notes
v1.x.1 where x > 1 This is the relative 1.x (x>1) version with a V2 head assembly mounted onto a V1 body