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Software Distros

🚀 Software Distros Workflow

  • 📅 SW Distros are typically delivered on a time-based workflow.
  • 4️⃣ SW Distros are usually released along with binaries at the following quarters: Feb, May, Aug, Nov.
  • 🆓 The feature-freeze lasts one month.
  • 📛 Naming convention adheres therefore to YYYY.MM.0, where YYYY identifies the year so as MM the month of the distro. The patch number 0 clarifies that it is a major distro. Examples: 2021.11.0, 2022.02.0...
  • 📝 Repositories stay on their usual release convention in order to enable proper semantic versioning. To link repos tags to SW Distro and run CI, we rely on the infrastructure provided in robotology/robotology-superbuild.
  • 📦 Occasionally, we may release feature-based distros and/or patches as a collection of tags/branches (i.e., no binaries). Naming convention follows the pattern YYYY.MM.P, where YYYY.MM identifies the major release used as baseline and the patch number P is simply increased also in the case of a feature or patch distro released after YYYY/MM.
  • ⚠ Distros released before 2021.11.0 may be named without the patch number P and may also be marked explicitly with feat or patch labels.
  • 📢 We make announcements of the distros and their content on a dedicated channel of Robotology Community.

Software Versioning Table

The table hereinafter reports on the versions of the packages (specified in terms of Git tags/branches/commits) composing our software ecosystem that are bundled as distros.

Once the versions are known, one can download the distro's source code by using Git.

For example, to download the SW Distro 2020.08 do:

$ git clone -b v0.11.3
$ git clone -b v3.4.0
$ git clone -b v1.17.0


This table has been generated automatically by processing data available in robotology/robotology-superbuild@v2024.02.0/releases.

Click on the distros below to explore their package versions: